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Thread Topic: Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).
Topic Originator: JESUS SEVILLA
Post Date December 8, 2009 @ 8:06 PM

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(Costa Mesa, CA)
Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).12/08/2009  8:06 PM

I'm a new notary and I'll be notarizing a "TRUST CERTIFICATION (Personal Trust)" tomorrow morning. The bank need this form notarized before they could approve their personal loan. In this type of document, do they need to sign the cert in my presence, or is it okay if it is signed already before they come to me. Also I have 2 signatory, the husband and the wife. Once I get their IDs, I will put 2 entry on the notary journal. 1 for the husband and 1 for the wife. am I correct? and then get their signature. (No need for thumb print.) I know this question is very elementary. This is the first document that I'll be notarizing and I want to make sure that I'm doing it correctly. Thanks in advance for your help! Please answer this question today, 12-8-09.

Lisa Thornton
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(Upland, CA)
RE: Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).12/08/2009  9:42 PM

All documents needing the signature notarized should be signed in the presence of a Notary.  That's the point of having a signature notarized - the signer is identified and a Notary (disinterested 3rd party) watches them sign the document.  Documents with jurat notarial wording must be signed in your presence.  If it is previously signed, it must be signed again and in your presence.  Be sure to give an oath.   If the notarial wording is an acknowledgment and previously signed, it does not need to be signed again but  you must ask the client if it's their signature and they give you a verbal "yes".  Compare it to their ID.

While a thumbprint is required only for deeds and power of attorney forms, it is customary now for Notaries to get a thumbprint for each and every notarial act - for both the protection of the Notary and the client.  I have never had anyone object to giving their thumbprint and when I get my signature notarized, I give a thumbprint (even though I don't have to).

Yes, you are to record separate entries for each signer - 1 for the husband and 1 for the wife.

Joan A Malone
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(San Jose, CA)
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RE: Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).12/08/2009  9:53 PM

Also make sure with a "Trust Certification" document that the client fills in all blanks.  You cannot help them.  They must have the information.

Do not notarize with blanks left within a document.  If not applicable, then have them put N/A in the space.  You'll do fine.  Good Luck!

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(Costa Mesa, CA)
RE: Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).12/09/2009  9:29 AM

Thank you for your quick response to my questions. You ROCK Lisa!  :)   

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(Costa Mesa, CA)
RE: Notarization of Trust Certificate (Personal Trust).12/09/2009  9:31 AM

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